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What are votives?

Votives, in the design sense, are simply small candles used to enhance décor. For a wedding, they can be used to add a classy twinkle the dining tablescape, enhance the drama of highboy tables, or provide extra illumination near a guest book.



Do I need to use votives?

No. Votives are not conducive to all wedding venues. They are best used in lower light venues and evening receptions.  That is when their soft ambient light creates the most dramatic impact.


What else do I need to know?

Votives do not perform well in open air windy conditions.  Temperature is also a consideration.  Indoor receptions are rarely a problem, but if the venue is an outdoor tent for example, common sense must be used.  If the outside temperature is 72 degrees or higher, and you are maxing out the number of guests in a reception tent, using dozens of votives would be a poor decision as they will elevate the temperature inside the tent.


How many votives should I use?

Here at Blume, we are firm believers that things look better in odd numbers.  Why?  Symmetry often creates a sense of completion which can lead to stagnation.  Odd numbered items create flow and keep the eyes moving, thus enhancing visual interest.


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